Get them before they’re gone.

By Katie Macdonald
Updated August 28, 2019
Courtesy of Amazon

As far as we’re concerned, cast iron cookware is an essential tool for every home cook. It’s versatile, perfect for frying, baking, braising, and roasting — plus, it’s tough enough to withstand the super-high heat of a stove, oven, or grill. And for even more flexibility, enameled cast iron won’t rust and is also ideal for cooking acidic foods like tomatoes.

But cast iron can be pricey (and enameled pots and pans even moreso), which is why we’re pouncing on Amazon’s current Deal of the Day: Cuisinart’s popular cast iron casserole dishes and frying pans are up to 46% off.

Known for its reliable food processors, coffeemakers, and other kitchen appliances, Cuisinart also excels in beautiful, impressive cookware. Made with a porcelain-enamel exterior, its cast iron expertly distributes and retains heat on a wide-range of stovetops as well as in the oven. What’s more, these pots and pans are even dishwasher-safe (not a common feature in cast iron cookware), making cleanup a breeze.

Amazon’s Deal of the Day includes three different styles in either Mint Green or Terracotta Orange — scroll down to check them out and see why users love them. You’d better hurry, though, because the deals end in just about a day, at 2 am ET Thursday.

7-Quart Cuisinart Cast Iron Casserole Dish

Courtesy of Amazon

Best Amazon review: “I needed to replace a cheaper dutch oven because the non-stick coating was wearing off. I have always thought about getting a quality, enameled, cast iron pan, but couldn't bring myself to spend the money. I found this one on sale and decided to go for it. It is exactly what I hoped it would be! Not only is it pretty (I leave it out on my stove top when I'm not using it,) but it works well and cleans up easily. It arrived in perfect condition, with no scratches or chipping enamel, and it is still in perfect condition after a number of uses. I hope to get much more use out of this than I did my cheap, non-stick, pan.”

To buy: $70 (originally $130);

12-Inch Cuisinart Cast Iron Chicken Fryer

Courtesy of Amazon

Best Amazon review: “I have used this pan for cooking everything from fish, pork chops, steaks to ethnic foods (Indian cuisine, Mexican and Asian cuisine etc.) to deep frying vegetables with a beer batter. It performs flawlessly every time, the heat distribution was easy to control and the foods were cooked better than in other pans due to the ease of maintaining proper temperature. It also cleans up easily and after a lot of use still looks like it just came out of the box new. If you like really heavy pans you will LOVE this one. I use wooden and silicone utensils without fear of scratching the bottom. I have other Cuisinart pans and they work just as well. I am hooked.”

To buy: $70 (originally $130);

5.5-Quart Cuisinart Cast Iron Casserole Dish

Courtesy of Amazon

Best Amazon review: “This is a beautiful and functional casserole dish. When not in use it just sets on my stove - too pretty to put away. Cooks great and clean up is very easy.”

To buy: $55 (originally $100);