By Joey Skladany
Updated August 08, 2016
Credit: © juliedeshaies/Getty Images

The pumpkin spice tidal wave may have already hit grocery store shelves, but we shouldn’t be saying R.I.P. to our beloved summer produce just yet. We still have two months to enjoy corn, peaches, tomatoes, blueberries and the adorable food you never thought you needed in your life: cucamelons. These tiny spheres may seem foreign, but they've been growing in Mexico and Central America for centuries. Here's what you need know.

What are Cucamelons?

Grape-sized cucumbers that resemble tiny watermelons. They are also known as mouse melons, Mexican miniature watermelon and the world’s cutest food.

What do Cucamelons Taste Like?

Not watermelons, so don’t expect a pink and sweet flesh. They actually taste more like cucumbers with a lime and citrus flavor. Cucamelons are also frequently pickled, so the traditional gherkin's got some competition.

Where to Find Cucamelons

Farmer’s markets in Mexico and Central America, but you can easily grow them in your own backyard. But like cucumbers, they require a lot of water.

How to Eat Cucamelons

Off the vine immediately or sliced into a salad. We also have dreams of tossing a few in a Corona. Couldn't hurt, right?