The clear cola is making yet another comeback. 

crystal pepsi

Crystal Pepsi is returning to shelves today after getting an official launch from the brand's Throwback Tour. On the last stop of the tour hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Marlins vs. Colorado Rockies game and performed their hits “Push It” and “Whatta Man” afterward, adding another retro twist to the return of the Pepsi flavor you might remember as a short-lived but noteworthy icon from the Nineties.

The soda was originally released in 1992, and disappeared just one year later, but has since made a series of comebacks. In 2015, Pepsi announced that a sweepstakes would give away 13,000 cases of Crystal Pepsi, to be shipped in time for Christmas. Then, in the summer of 2016, Pepsi gave the soda yet another limited time release. 35,000 people—devoted, to perhaps an unhealthy degree, to a beverage—even signed a petition to bring Crystal Pepsi back that year. Of course, if you’re an avid collector of all things Nineties, 16-ounce bottles of the soda are always available on eBay for anywhere from $10 to $30.

This time around, Crystal Pepsi's attempt at a comeback leaned heavily on Nineties nostalgia, featuring three free concerts, one with Busta Rhymes, another with Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath (though his band’s album 14:59, which features perhaps their most well-known song, “Every Morning,” came out in 1999, six years after Crystal Pepsi left stores), and of course, Salt-N-Pepa. Each concert took place at or near a stadium, because as theVice President of Marketing for Pepsi Trademark, Chad Stubbs said in a recent statement, “From the 90s through today Pepsi has been a brand very much connected to music and baseball.”

This summer’s tour is supposed to a “celebration of the final limited run of the iconic clear cola,” according to a statement from the company, so if you’re a super fan of the soda (and clearly, many of you are), this could be your last chance to pick up a couple cans. Otherwise, you'll just have to petition for another comeback.