By FWx Editors
Updated May 05, 2014
© Dominique Ansel Bakery

Ever since the Cronut caused a minor rip in the pastry-time continuum last year, creator Dominique Ansel can do no wrong. This morning, he announced his latest experiment on The Wendy Williams Show. Like the Cronut before it, the Waffogato fuses two things you never thought to put together and features a waffle made out of ice cream (vanilla with bits of Belgian waffle in it). It is then topped with a maple syrup espresso, and as the “waffle” melts, little pearls of tapioca are revealed in what sounds like a delicious, melty mess.

Ansel created the Waffogato for Taste of the Nation, an epic tasting eventtonight in New York City that benefits No Kid Hungry. Tickets should be available at the door if you can swing the $225 (tax-deductible) price and want to get your hashtag-ready dessert without waiting in line for 5 hours this summer. Ansel promises that the Waffogato will be sold at Dominique Ansel Bakery when the weather takes a turn for the warmer.