Lobster Roll Croissant
Credit: © Dillon Burke

We’ve seen any number of killer lobster sandwiches this summer: lobster plus fried clams, lobster plus tempura-fried avocado. More indulgent still? The Lobster Roll Croissant, now available at Union Fare, Manhattan’s new food hall just north of Union Square.

We usually dip lobster in drawn butter, and pile lobster salad on butter-toasted brioche, so why not double down with a buttery croissant? Union Fare’s executive chef, Yvan Lemoine, was thinking about the bakery version of the “lobster tail” — a super-flaky filled Italian pastry — and thought a savory version would work just as well.

The bread: A croissant baked in-house, with an “everything bagel” sprinkle as a New York tribute.

The filling: Fresh lobster meat from Maine — tail, knuckle and claw — with a little mayo and a hint of sriracha and Old Bay.