Restaurant chain Cheddar's is actually selling the pastry-fied accessories.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 10, 2019
Credit: Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

Brands pay advertising agencies big bucks to come up with the next great idea, but sometimes the best bet is to stick with a trend that’s already working. For the restaurant chain Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, that means latching on to a meme that been hanging around for several years now and giving high school students what they want: croissant corsages for the prom.

The joke of confusing “croissants” and “corsages” can be traced back to where most teenage humor comes from these days: texting and/or social media. Apparently, the French roots of both words make them difficult for American high schoolers to spell, and autocorrect may have a knack for replacing the latter with the former. To further the joke, teens have regularly delivered on the mix-up, giving their dates “croissant corsages” (as social media proves, often to the fanfare of plenty of likes).

Now, Cheddar’s is making the gag that much easier for prom-bound teens in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The brand has partnered with the Dallas-based florist Petals and Stems to created croissant corsages “worthy of prom elegance.” Cheddar’s continues, “Each scratch-made corsage features a taste-ful arrangement of a Cheddar’s Honey Butter Croissant, baby’s breath and roses in the color of each guest’s choosing.”

Credit: Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

Despite the fact that Cheddar’s has locations across 28 states, these croissant corsages are only available to those in the chain’s original home of Texas. Available while supplies last, they can be purchased at for pickup from Petals and Stems’ Dallas location (and must be placed by 5 p.m. on Tuesday to be read in time for a weekend prom). Each corsage costs $20 which also includes a $10 Cheddar’s gift card.

Meanwhile, if you don’t live within driving distance of Dallas, Cheddars suggests it’s not too difficult to make one yourself if you have some basic supplies like a wrist corsage elastic and base, roses, baby’s breath, a glue gun, craft wire, ribbon, scissors, and, of course, a croissant (preferably one of theirs!) That said, you could also just have a conversation with your local florist. They’re probably pretty open-minded, right?