By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated March 22, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of The Critic and the Pig

New Zealand is known for having a burgeoning food and wine scene, so it was merely a matter of time before, like in the States, they turned dining into entertainment. Web series The Critic and the Pig has accomplished just that. Think of it as a much lighter in tone No Reservations, swapping Anthony Bourdain's snark for the charming Kiwi personality you're used to seeing from Flight of the Conchords.

The series stars well-known Kiwi radio personality Vaughn Smith as The Critic, who is using the opportunity to blog about some of New Zealand's best food. Joining him is comedian Josh Thomson, aka The Pig, who prefers graphic t-shirts to his counterpart's button up and tie. As the show's title sequence explains, The Critic can only eat so much but wants to give the restaurants he visits a fair review of their menus. That's why he brings along The Pig, who knows nothing about food but is always hungry. While Smith is more concerned with the quality and of the meal, Thomson focuses on the bread-to-dip ratio, smooth talking his way into an extra glass of wine and the quality of the restaurant's toilets.

While the pair reviews dishes in some of New Zealand's classiest eateries, the conversation strays to less-classy topics such as which species of fish they'd marry if they had to, how far down on an animal's intestinal tract an ingredient would have to be before they refused to eat it, and the awkwardness of finding a nipple on your pork crackling. Each meal ends with a rating given in up to ten trotters (hooves), especially fitting for the below episode reviewing the nose-to-tail game-focused menu of Auckland's Cazador.

You can watch all four episodes from the first season of The Critic and the Pig on WatchMe.