By Clara Olshansky
Updated June 24, 2016
Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Looking for the perfect festive food to celebrate the launch of Shark Week on Sunday? How about a cake as massive as your enthusiasm for seeing sharks jump out of water and eat things? Yolanda Gampp of "How to Cake It" shows us how to make a cake that looks like a shark out of twenty-eight pounds of cake batter and ten pounds of fondant. Full instructions on her website.

Okay, so it's not actually just one cake. It's three cakes, stacked on top each other. Gampp takes us through the process, beginning by baking her twenty-eight pounds of batter into ten separate cake pans. Given that you're cooking ten sheets of cake here, you may need to throw a Shark Week viewing party to help you finish this eating this one.

Once you've finished baking and leveling the cakes, you cover each of the three layers with buttercream frosting, carve them, and place them together. Use the humps from your leveled cake sheets to sculpt the pointiest part of the nose. Then cover the cake in your ten pounds of fondant: gray for the body, white for the belly and teeth, pink for the mouth and tongue, dark pink for the gums, and black for the eyeballs. (Sorry, if you aren't a fondant fan, this cake might not be for you)

Paint it with food dye, gloss it with piping, and your adorably terrifying cake is good to go. If you're looking to pair your cake with a healthier dessert companion, consider adding a shark-shaped fruit bowl. And, in the wise words of 30 Rock's Tracy Jordan, "Live every week like it's Shark Week."