13 Craziest Things People Have Seen Customers Do at Nice Restaurants

"A family of six dined and dashed on Thanksgiving."

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While almost everyone experiences some degree of social anxiety while eating at upscale restaurants (which fork again?), very few of us can say we've caused "a scene." But as anyone who works in food service will tell you, scenes are commonplace, no matter the caliber of the restaurant.

New AskReddit threads reveal some of the most disconcerting things people have witnessed while just trying to eat—or serve—a nice meal at a fine-dining restaurant.

1. "Saw the governor eating meatballs right out of the chafing dish with a fork."

2. "My dad's ex-wife's daughter adressed the waiter as 'garçon' and wiped her mouth on the table cloth."

3. "Had a guy come in with his daughter and asked if we had or could put imitation crab in crab legs because he wanted his daughter to experience cracking and eating crabs, but she had a shellfish allergy."

4. "When people bring young children to high-end restaurants and get all upset the kids are a little wild plus don't eat their $35 kids steak. Either get a babysitter or go to a family restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and chicken tenders."

5. "My grandma used to blow her nose at the table. She worked most of her life in hotels. I thought she knew better."

6. "We were at a fancy seafood place and I saw an old man dip his lobster in ketchup."

7. "A buffet runner guy dropped a platter of BBQ rids on floor. The owner scooped them up and sat them to the side for a bit, and then he put them on the line personally."

8. "Woman insisted on a baked potato with whipped cream. She meant sour cream, and she was very plainly drunk when she arrived, so I tried to help her out. She kept repeating whipped and got upset when I asked if she was sure she wanted that exactly. She was pissed, asked me what the hell was wrong with me that I wasn't understanding...So, brought a baked potato to her with about six inches of whipped cream on top, and a cherry. Her face was priceless. She realized her mistake and apologized profusely, we all laughed, and she got her baked potato with sour cream anyway."

9. "Large family group comes in for the mom's birthday. Mom is wasted drunk and throws up all over half the table's meals. Goes into bathroom, throws up some more, comes back out, has server re-order the thrown-up-upon food."

10. "Guest was incredibly drunk, couldn't even sit properly anymore let alone talk; we refused to get him another drink, he threw a glass at my head."

11. "I had someone throw a steaming mug of hot water at me because we were out of a certain tea and he refused to pick one of our other 20 teas."

12. "A family of six dined and dashed on Thanksgiving."

13. "An elderly man came right beside me when I was at a table and dried his hands on my arm because there weren't paper towels in the washroom."

All Reddit responses have been editing for length and clarity.

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