By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 22, 2015
Credit: © David Malosh

Maybe call it a UFPO? Over the weekend, police in the London neighborhood of Kingston responded to a call of an unknown object crashed and burning in the middle of the road. A police spokesman was reported as saying, “The officers that arrived on scene described the item as looking like a crash landed UFO.” However, it was later determined that the “UFO” in question probably couldn’t have done that much “flying”: It was an overturned pizza oven.

But a lack of alien life didn’t make the discovery any less bizarre—especially because the oven was still operational. “Strange location for it to be and still to have a fire inside,” the Kingston Police said on Facebook in possibly one of the bigger understatements ever put to social media. “Please call if you can help!” For concerned parties, however, a few days later, the cops followed up to inform the public, “We would like to confirm there was no pizza in the oven on our arrival... !”

Just how does a fully functioning pizza oven end up in the middle of the road? If police have determined the answer, they haven’t yet alerted the media. According to Inquisitr, it’s led to some Area 51–like cover-up conspiracy theories. “A weather balloon excuse, has already been used… next sensible one… a pizza oven…” the site quotes one skeptic as saying. “They can’t fool me.”

Though the photos make it pretty clear that it is, indeed, a pizza oven, personally I do remain a bit skeptical—mostly that the police didn’t find any pizza. Seems like it would be easy evidence to “dispose of.”