By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 02, 2015
© McDonald’s

Even though getting married is a serious commitment, a wedding should also be fun, right? And what’s more fun than celebrating with a giant slide and a clown? Wait… Would a $250 McDonald’s Arch Card sweeten the deal?

For years, one of the staples of the “Big E”—an annual fair held in Massachusetts – has been the McDonald’s Giant Slide. As a promotion this year, the festival, along with the help of some of the region’s McDonald’s franchises, held a Facebook contest where people could submit their love story for a chance to win a full McDonald’s-style wedding, culminating in a matrimonial trip down the aforementioned slide.

The lucky couple ended up being Mary Anne Purdy and John Romani, who figured why the hell not have someone else foot the bill on their big day. Beyond the honor of getting Ronald McDonald as an honorary witness, the newlyweds also got a bunch of other sweet gifts, including a hotel stay and limo transportation, plus crazy perks like a McDonald’s Giant Slide–themed wedding cake.

“I say let’s reach BEYOND our comfort zone, have fun and go for this!” Mary Anne said in her winning Facebook entry. Exactly. John is 61 years old; it’s Mary Anne’s second marriage. Who cares? Plus, if you ever want to file for divorce, I think “Ronald McDonald was one of our witnesses” is grounds to annul pretty much any legal agreement.

[h/t Eater]