Country Time is helping out young entrepreneurs who've been slapped with permit fees.
Credit: Dana Neibert/Getty Images

Kids opening up a lemonade stand to provide refreshment to (and make a few bucks from) their neighbors is an enduring image of summertime Americana. Whether freshly squeezed or the powdered mix variety, making lemonade and selling it at a markup combines lessons in math, customer service, and business acumen all at once. But while the act of kids slinging some citrus-y drinks from their front yard seems innocent enough, it actually violates some local permit laws, as was the case in Texas a couple years back when two girls' stand was shut down for not holding a $150 "peddler's permit" and in Maryland when a family was fined $500 for similar reasons. Regardless of whether these local laws and health codes are arcane or overreaching, one company intends to keep kids in the lemonade business this summer.

Country Time has offered to provide "Legal-Ade" to kids who are fined for setting up shop by offering reimbursement for any penalties incurred. "Any child fined for running a lemonade stand without a permit can have his or her parent apply for reimbursement," a statement from the Kraft-Heinz brand reads. "To apply, simply upload the image of your child's permit or fine along with a description of what your lemonade stand means to your child, in his or her own words. The submission will be reviewed by the Legal-Ade team and if it complies with the terms, you will receive the exact amount to cover the permit or fine, up to $300.00." Country Time says it will keep doling out repayments all summer long until a $60,000 limit is reached. More information is available on Country Time's Legal-Ade website.

But Country Time isn't just limiting its legal fund to kids who are harangued by the authorities this summer. For every retweet of the above video that the company created to promote Legal-Ade, Country Time will donate $1 (and up to $500,000) to continue offering kids a free-of-charge way to sell lemonade in the future.

With that cost out of the way, why not encourage your kids to go all-out on some upgraded lemonade recipes this year?