By Noah Kaufman
Updated September 08, 2015
Credit: © iStockphoto

Poor grapes. They’re usually an afterthought on a fruit plate or something you put in a fruit salad to take up extra space. Maybe all they’ve been missing is a flavor reboot. The Grapery vineyard has spent the last several years doing some mad scientist–esque cross-breeding of different flavors and created cotton candy grapes: Grapes that actually taste like state fair spun sugar. It turns out the cotton candy grapes were just a happy accident from all the experimenting the Grapery had been doing. “We were just trying to develop new grapes that taste great,” CEO Jim Beagle told Vogue. “That they turned out to taste like cotton candy was just luck.”

The candy-flavored grapes aren’t the only weird project the Grapery developed. They played with the shape of their grapes and produced Witch Fingers (if you want to change up the boring grape eyeballs you always put out during Halloween, these will certainly gross out whatever trick or treaters stop by your house).

Beagle also emphasizes that he and his team are creating their grapes the old-fashioned way. The fruits aren’t GMO (at least not in the modern sense of the acronym).

And while they’ve found success with their projects thus far, they aren’t done yet. While the cross-bred varieties can take years to perfect, Grapery is also planning a gumball grape as well as other flavors that are to be announced. We’re not sure whether they can naturally pull off, say, a Thin Mint–flavored grape, but if they can, we’ll be the first to pick some up.

For now, all the other weird varieties are available across the country in stores as diverse as Whole Foods and Stop and Shop.