Why do healthy options have to come at the cost of sausage ones? 
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Earlier this week, Costco revealed that it would be revamping its menu to include healthier items, like acai bowls and vegan-friendly salads, and people have been incredibly emotional about it.

In particular, the elimination of the Polish Dog from the Costco food court menu has triggered a public outcry on social media, and with excellent reason: the Polish sausage was one of the best meat values in the country, at just $1.50 per combo with soda. Not all is lost, though; the retailer's most cherished deal, the $1.50 all-beef hot dog combo including a dog and soda, will remain on the menu (after having sold a whopping $137-millions-worth last year, The Seattle Times reports.)

But still—the Polish Dog is an institution, too, and it deserves to be treated as such. A sort of kielbasa/hot dog hybrid, the sausage is thick and snappy and exactly what this country needs right now. According to The Washington Post, Costco has been phasing out the sausage at locations across the country for weeks now, without even warning us first. Now that the information is circulating publicly, the social media uproar has been fierce and unrelenting.

Listen, we support healthy options—nutrients are good and important. But why do healthy options have to come at the cost of sausage ones?

Using the hashtag #SaveThePolishHotDog, one fan tweeted, "You are ruining my life. I don’t want to buy polish dogs in bulk I want to buy one as I walk out the door. Why are you doing this."

We absolutely agree with all the points Matt53591839 raises.

The Costco food court menu is one of the best-kept non-secrets in the country for enjoying an affordable lunch, snack, or dinner. While prices at chains and fast-food restaurants rise with each passing year, Costco's food court prices have remained improbably low without any discernible compromises in quality. (The all-beef hot dog combo cost $1.50 in 1983, too—that's over thirty years ago.)

And there's more bad news: Costco's popular berry sundae is reportedly being phased off the menu, too. There goes our whole entire childhood.

So what is there to be done? Well, we can beg. And we can sign this actual, real Change.org petition that exists to get the Polish Dog back on the menu.

Please, Costco. We need this.