"I hope we have enough butter." 
Credit: gaffera/Getty Images

Costco is where you go when you know what you want—and you know you want a lot of it. It is, after all, the home of the 27-pound bucket of mac and cheese, the 7-pound tub of Nutella, and the $5,000 year-long supply of freeze dried food for riding out the apocalypse. Speaking of which, if there's any creature that could survive a disaster scenario it's a terrifyingly massive lobster, and—oh hey!—you can get one of those at Costco, too.

Yes, as Foodbeast alerted us, Costco shoppers have recently spotted gigantic lobster claws (we're talking two to seven pounds) in the supermarket's seafood department, some shown with Costco's Kirkland brand on the label. Most of the sightings have been in California, like this one below, from Newport Beach-based Instagrammer @julesfood.

"I’ve seen a few big claws at Costco before, but this one’s crazy," they write. "We just had to get it. It might be half its weight in shell, but worth it already. The family’s had their fun photo ops, now it’s going on the grill. I can’t promise an inside pic, they’re too anxious to eat this monster. I hope we have enough butter." A mix of fear, awe, and hunger seems like the correct reaction when faced with a lobster claw the size of a human torso.

Users on Reddit have also noticed the enormous claws for sale at Costco, with posts dating back to this January. Take a look at this absolute unit of a lobster claw (with a banana for scale) below.

Prime lobster season is summer, when the crustaceans migrate closer to shore, so we may be seeing more of these giants in the coming months. In the meantime, Costco will ship you six (average size) Maine lobsters for $130.