It's called the Crème de la Corn.

Dominique Ansel Ice Cream Corn
Credit: © Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan

Japan generates more than its fair share of quirky culinary items—like the all-black burger or the Big Mac topped with mashed potatoes—but the newest treat in Tokyo is by far the corniest (sorry). At the Japanese outpost of Dominique Ansel Kitchen, the famed pastry chef has created an ice cream cone like you've never seen before.

Ansel, notable of course for his famous Cronut, is known for his innovative pastry and ice cream creations. Recently, Food & Wine reported on (and got an in-office tasting of) Ansel's temporary creation in collaboration with chef Alex Stupak at Dominique Ansel Kitchen in New York: A corn ice cream taco in a masa waffle cone shell, garnished with roasted corn caramel and a side of salsa verde. Now, the Tokyo location is taking this corn creation to the next level.

The Crème de la Corn utilizes the same caramel sweet corn soft serve, but in place of cone is, well, more corn. The ice cream comes atop an ear of hot, grilled corn—husk and all—which has been braised in soy sauce and butter. According to local site RocketNews24, who tried the creation firsthand, Ansel's latest creation was inspired by sweet corn he saw at Japan's Tsukiji Market during a recent visit. He brought back the corn to the bakery and ground it—core and all—to give the ice cream its distinctive taste.

"We bit into the corn, and the salty flavor of the butter and soy sauce provided an excellent contrast to the sweetness of the corn itself, expecially after the creamy and sweet ice cream on top," the writer says in her glowing review of the creation. If corn's not your thing, also available at the Japan location is an "amazake" ice cream, flavored like sake and topped with grated ginger, sea salt, and sansho leaves.

But for those who are clamoring to try this summertime sweet, you better book your tickets to Tokyo fast. The Crème de la Corn will only be available at Dominique Ansel Kitchen Japan until September.