Creative-Family / Maren Caruso / Getty Images

The Bluetooth device is a groovy way to up-cycle your empties.

Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated May 24, 2017

There are a lot of devices that link to your smartphone to amplify sound. But how many of them also give you an excuse to polish off the last bit of rosé so you can get the dance party started? That’s where Cork is different from your standard Bluetooth speaker. The tiny device is designed to fit on top of any empty bottle and resonate fuller and richer sound. So it’s basically that life hack of putting your iPhone in a pint glass, but for bottles. Cool.

Cork started out as a crowdfunding product on Kickstarter last year (with a video that features lots of yoga and bicycling), but it’s now—kind of, sort of—available for purchase if you’re willing to convert South Korean Won into dollars. The sleek speaker comes from Leedeyeon, a design firm that, at least according to their website, hasn’t designed any other products. But hey, you just need one hit, right?

Like other speakers in the portable category, Cork charges via micro USB, features a single button and LED light for connectivity and status, and boasts 10 hours of playtime. The device also comes with two silicone mounts, one that fits neatly over most bottles, and one that’s a plug (or cork, you might say) for larger mouth bottles like, the website suggests, Starbucks beverages. And for the style-conscious among us, the Cork comes in four metallic colors: smoky black, fog grey, pure white and, of course, wine red.

According to the website (and videos testing the speaker) using Cork on different sized and shaped bottles will yield different sound profiles, which is to say it’s probably the first speaker we’ve come across to actually advertise wildly erratic results. Still, it’s a cool conversation piece to say the least. Then again, that conversation might soon stray to “hey, that bottle’s empty. Let’s pop open another one.”