By Carey Jones
Updated April 28, 2014
Andrew Scrivani

Where: Coppelia, NYC

What: Greasy, carb-y and oh-so-satisfying, a cheeseburger is pretty much an ideal hangover cure. But this modern Cuban diner in Manhattan’s Chelsea seriously ups the ante with its Frita Cubana—a sirloin patty piled with roast pork and chicharrónes, as well as cheddar, lettuce, tomato and pickles. By our count, that’s three meats and a cheese in one burger. Those are numbers we can get behind.

Wash it down with: Coppelia’s cocktails tend toward the lighter, brunch-friendly side. The Hemingway Royal is a huge step above your normal bubbly brunch drink, with ginger-infused dark rum, mint, lime, Combier and Champagne.