Coors Light Will Let You Trade Your Quarantine Clutter for Free Beer

Residents of some states can donate stuff to charity and get up to 60 Coors Lights in return.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to spend a lot more time at home—and though you'd think that'd mean more time to clean, plenty of us are living amongst more clutter. So if you find yourself staring at a bunch of stuff you don't know what to do with, don't fret: Coors Light is offering an unexpected solution. The light beer brand is letting people trade in their clutter for its weight in free beer.

Of course, the deal comes with a number of caveats, but the intentions seem quite sincere. This Saturday, Coors Light will be setting up two temporary depots—one in Lot S1 at The Battery in Atlanta, Georgia, and one in Lot G of Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada—from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. local time where the brand will weigh your unwanted stuff and offer you its "weight equivalent" in rebates for up to two cases of Coors Light.

Don't feel guilty about your swap: Coors Light says they will then be donating all of that old stuff to local charities in each city. (Worth noting, don't plan on loading up the camper van and traveling across state lines: Coors Light says the offer is valid for residents of Georgia and Nevada only.)

"People bought a whole bunch of stuff to help them chill out throughout the pandemic. We've all bought more bread makers, ring lights and tie-dye kits than we know what to do with. And a year later, you don't need a bunch of stuff to chill," Marcelo Pascoa, Molson Coors' vice president of marketing, stated. "Spring is here, the March Hoops tournament is back. Whatever chill means to you, we want people to trade in unloved purchases for Coors Light. We'll weigh your smoothie blender or bicycle and give you its weight equivalent in cases of beer."

However, before you go packing all your old pizza boxes into a garbage bag, the deal does have rules. For one, your clutter has to be actual stuff suitable for charity, not trash. Coors Light says they can accept things like clothes ("in GOOD condition"), books and music, small (working and undamaged) furniture, collectibles, jewelry, household items, electronics, and even large appliances if they work. (You can see the full list here.) There's also plenty of stuff they can't accept, including (but not limited to) your car, your old magazines, baby stuff, televisions, mattresses, paint, pianos… You get the picture. Basically, if you would have donated it to charity anyway, now you can trade it for beer.

Or if you're just feeling charitable, the stuff you donate doesn't have to be clutter at all. Coors Light has a list of "charity requested items" if you want to help those in need and get free beer in return: PPE products, canned and nonperishable foods, cleaning and sanitizing Items, and paper products like paper towels and toilet paper. Atlanta specifically is asking for men's T-shirts and unused men's hygiene products. And Las Vegas needs cases of water.

If any of your stuff fits the bill, Coors Light says donations of one to ten pounds will earn a maximum $10 rebate good for one 12-pack of the brand's beer. Donations from ten to 20 pounds will get a max $25 rebate for a 30-pack, and donations of over 30 pounds will earn two 30-packs via a rebate up to $50. It's not the cold hard cash you can get for your stuff on eBay, but at least it gets it out of your house.

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