Pretty in Stainless
KitchenAid has taken a leap off the counter and onto the stove with a line of stainless steel cookware. Ergonomically curved handles and tight-fitting, deep-lipped lids distinguish these pots ($65 to $245;888-801-1707).

Fantasy Islands
If running away to a tropical paradise isn't on your calendar this winter, you can still live some of the fantasy by ordering products from the Caribbean Flavor catalog. F&W's resident island expert, Marcia Kiesel, loved Rockfield's pepper sauce from Anguilla and Sunny Caribbee's salt from Salt Island in the British Virgin Islands ($8 for 10 ounces and $7.50 for 6 ounces, respectively; 888-774-2334).

Minute Man
Time will be on your side when you cook with the new marinades from chef Charles Dale, of Renaissance in Aspen. They infuse meat or fish with herb flavors in 60 seconds flat ($5 for 9 ounces; 800-523-3811).

The latest L.A. restaurants for stargazing include O2, Woody Harrelson's organic eatery with an "air room" lounge that dispenses enriched oxygen; the stylish China One, a Cantonese-Szechwan spot owned by Donna Wong and her boyfriend, Wesley Snipes; and Ago, with regional Italian food, which is backed by Robert DeNiro.

How Sweet It Is
To boost your sensation of sweetness, try Indian Rock Produce's Miracle Fruit berries. They contain miralin, a tongue-coating protein that heightens the sweetness of whatever you eat for up to two hours (40 cents a berry; 800-882-0512).

Into the Garden
New York Times writer Amanda Hesser spent time in Burgundy as a cook at the château of La Varenne culinary school founder Anne Willan. While there Hesser befriended the gardener, M. Milbert, whose wisdom and knowledge provided the inspiration for her delightful first book, The Cook and the Gardener ($32.50; W. W. Norton).