Sicilian Savior
Wanda and Giovanna Tornabene say the customers brought in by their first cookbook saved their restaurant in Sicily, Gangivecchio. Who can tell what their new book, Sicilian Home Cooking, in which recipes like risotto with apples are introduced through family anecdotes, might do? ($30)

Cuba Goodies
The Italian confectioners Cuba Venchi go back to 1870, but their famous hazelnut candy, gianduja, has been hard to find in the U.S. Now sells this Piedmontese treat, with alternating layers of light and dark (blended with cocoa) gianduja ($11.65 for a 7-ounce bar).

Spring is Sprung
Shawn McClain won raves for his Japanese-inflected cooking at Trio in the Chicago suburbs. Now he's really going to town; he's moved to Spring, a restaurant with its own Zen garden, in the city's Wicker Park neighborhood, where he'll cook dishes like salmon wrapped in nori and potatoes (2039 W. North Ave.).

High-Tech Toaster
Krups says its ToastControl Touchpad Chrome toaster offers "a completely personalized toasting experience." This superquick model remembers how dark you like your bagels and tells you (via digital clock) how many seconds remain until pop-up time. No word on whether it suggests jelly or jam ($100; 800-526-5377).

Home at Last
At their New York City restaurant Home, David Page and Barbara Shinn dish up the food you just wish your mother had made. Their first cookbook, Recipes from Home, shares family secrets like Mom Page's Pot Roast along with some vintage snapshots, like this one of Shinn and her siblings picknicking in 1965 ($30).