Palmful of Plaudits
Almost every wine ever made in California is rated in the new WineScore software for Palm Computing. Ratings are based on critics' opinions and competitions ($24.95;

Long Overdue
Although it's more than 100 years old, Long Meadow Ranch in Napa Valley is debuting its very first Cabernet Sauvignon (made by Cathy Corison), as well as its first olive oil. Neither comes cheap. Oil: $45 per bottle. Wine: $50 per bottle (877-627-2645).

Undented Dreams
Anyone who's tried to replace the cap on a bottle only to find that its dented form no longer fits will be happy with Wolfgang Dufhes's opener from the Museum of Modern Art ($16.50; 800-793-3167).

Art of Diplomacy
One of the most refined sipping rums, Diplomatico ($30) from Venezuela is also one of the most artistically packaged. Its postage-stamp-style label honors Simón Bolívar, who brought order (and a taste for rum) to South America.

Mannie Berk of The Rare Wine Company lives up to his moniker, Mr. Madeira, with a remarkable series of midwinter Madeira dinners. Typical vintages to be tasted include 1832, 1862 and 1900. Dinners will be held in Charleston, Boston, Denver and San Francisco and on Sea Island, Georgia ($175 to $350; 800-999-4342).

House Beaujolais
Former CBS newsman Doug Tunnell not only produces some of Oregon's most elegant Pinot Noirs at his Brick House vineyards but also makes the greatest Gamay outside of Beaujolais (503-538-5136).