None of them involve cookies! 

Cookie Monster isn't just a fuzzy blue creature with a one-track mind (inner monologue: "om nom nom nom"). No, he contains multitudes. For one, his real name is Sid. He also has a little sister, and an identical cousin who isn't even into cookies. Speaking of which, Cookie Monster's diet is a lot more varied than people think—he tried cheeses, figs, and Marcona almonds when he stopped by the Food & Wine offices for a lesson in charcuterie board-arranging. And, in 2007, he even told Martha Stewart that "cookies are a sometimes food."

So, it's no surprise that the Muppet's cooking segment, Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck—which is mostly about non-cookie foods—is really, really good. The premise is simple: in each segment, a kid orders a meal from the truck, then Cookie and his chef buddy, Gonger, go on an adventure to show where one of the dish’s main ingredients is from, be it a “cranberry bog, a pasta factory, or an avocado farm.” Here are a few of this year's best clips, so far.

Fruit Sushi With Jenny Slate

This one really brings. The. Drama. In this just-released clip, Cookie, Gonger, and comedian Jenny Slate are all set to make fruit sushi, but there's one holdup—Cookie and Jenny ate all the yogurt (a key ingredient)! Everything is eventually resolved through song, but, it gets a little tense in the middle.


Cookie Monster eating key recipe ingredients seems to be a recurring theme! Here, he downs a raw onion (bold move, Cookie)—the only one in Gonger's fridge—right before the duo is supposed to make succotash. Also, Cookie and Gonger are pretty high tech—they seem to follow recipes on a Muppet-world iPad thing, rather than a cookbook.


Cookie and Gonger—who, by the way, may have the best voice in all of Muppet-land—need to make a tuna fish sandwich for a cat. So, this episode is automatically great. It only gets better when Cookie Monster tries to slice the avocado for said sandwich with his floppy monster-paws.