Cookie Monster drops a new music video and Gordon Ramsay takes on a 'Riverdale' star in the MasterChef kitchen.
Credit: Brian Killian / Getty Images

While the Internet can be full of vitriol like arguing over whether a salad emoji should be vegan or not, it's also full of weird, wonderful, and whimsical finds every single week (like wedding bouquets made from pizza). Here are five edible moments that fed our newsfeeds with some much-needed cheer.

Mark Zuckerberg's smoked meat monologue gets animated

It what's become its own odd bit of recurring Internet ephemera, Mark Zuckerberg's meat-smoking session (a live video he posted back in 2016) has been edited down and animated by YouTuber u m ami to preserve and enhance its eccentricity.

The Lego Movie sequel's dystopian Taco Tuesday

The sequel to the block, er, "brick"-buster animated movie begins in a dystopian Lego world reeling from the aftermath of Taco Tuesday. Of course, what The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part teaser's opening narration is referring to is actually the day that Lord Business launched his all-out attack on Bricksburg in the first film.

Cookie Monster drops a new music video

The song itself, "C is for Cookie," has been around since Joe Raposo wrote it for everyone's favorite sweets-loving monster back in 1971. But as a bit of an audio throwback and modern visual update, Sesame Street released the old version of the tune with a new animated lyric video that will—fair warning—leave you hungering for your favorite childhood cookies.

The original Gerber baby meets the newest

Gerber made history earlier this year by casting little Lucas as its first spokesbaby with Down's Syndrome. This week, the newest face of the classic baby food brand got to meet it's oldest, Ann Turner Cook, the original Gerber baby model whose portrait was submitted to a 1928 contest.

Gordon Ramsay vs. Madelaine Petsch

In this two-part series, Ramsay takes to the MasterChef kitchen to challenge Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch to a vegan mystery box challenge. While Gordon is hampered by the lack of meats, he still manages to even the playing field with a little psychological warfare and some tricks up his sleeve. The conclusion of the head-to-head challenge can be seen on Petsch's YouTube account.