What season is it?

Brach's Cookie Candy Corn
Credit: Courtesy of Candy Warehouse

The candy aisle would have us believe that summer is over, and there’s only a week left to figure out your Halloween costume.

A new flavor of Brach’s Candy Corn has been spotted on supermarket shelves. Judging from the packaging, the “cookie”-flavored candy corn takes its cues from many different types of cookies, including shortbread, oatmeal, chocolate chip and off-brand Oreo. The Junk Food Aisle Instagram account posted the photo last week after spotting the bag on the shelves of Dollar General. One commenter, who presumably bought a bag, said the new candy corns taste like “straight-up artificial flavor and alcohol-based butter extract.” Another commented, “Halloween candy already? Sign me up.” For reference: Halloween lands on October 31, and it is currently August 8. Only 84 more candy shopping days left guys.

We’re not sure how we feel about the onslaught of autumn foods in the middle of August, but there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Pumpkin Spice Cheerios were announced in June—June!—so clearly the seasons are no longer sacred. Earlier this month, Cost Plus World Market brought back its annual pumpkin spice coffee flavor to celebrate National Coffee Month. “It’s Never Too Early For Fall Flavors,” read the beginning of the release announcing the seasonal coffee.

As scandalizing as this unseasonal release is, “cookie” is one of the tamer candy corn flavors. Remember brunch-flavored candy corn? Yep, that happened. But if you consider yourself a Candy Corn Extremist, why not take the candy to their logical limit and deep-fry them? All you need is a bag of candy corn, a roll of Pillsbury Seamless Crescent Dough and a sense of adventure. Wash the little fritters down with a fresh mug of pumpkin spice coffee, and there you have it—it's the perfect autumn snack for the middle of August.