By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 24, 2017
cookie dough
Credit: © gmnicholas / Getty Images

Uptight health professionals love to warn us about the dangers of eating raw cookie dough, but as it turns out your plumber might not be too keen on the stuff either. According to a recent report, a city in Mississippi is struggling with backed up pipelines thanks to excess cookie dough being sent down the drain by a local cookie manufacturer.

At a meeting last week for Canton Municipal Utilities – the Canton, Mississippi-based company that handles water services for much of Madison County – their Board of Commissioners complained that excess cookie dough had become a major problem in some of the area’s pipes, the Madison County Journal reported. The alleged culprit is a company called DeBeukelaer Corporation, best known for its Belgian-style Pirouline rolled wafers, that is apparently is sending a lot of cookie dough down the drain. “We seem to spend a lot of time out there,” CMU General Manager Kenny Wayne Jones was quoted as saying. “It’s clogging it up. They need an accurate way of disposing it.”

Like any good corporation, DeBeukelaer supposedly denies the issue is on their end, to which Jones reportedly fired back with evidence of his own. “I told them we had pictures of that cookie dough in the line too,” he said. Alright, but has he investigated to see if any overzealous and very wasteful home bakers happen to live in the area? Maybe someone who shares the same pipes loves making cookies but recently had their oven repossessed??

For those wondering why so much cookie dough even goes to waste, according to a CMU consultant the problem happens when workers clean the cookie-making equipment and wash away the excess dough: It’s unlikely DeBeukelaer is simply dumping perfectly good wafer dough down the drain. Still, CMU apparently doesn’t think that’s any excuse for ruining their pipes. Jones and an attorney plan on meeting with the local cookie brand to figure out a better way to dispose of all that extra dough.

Here’s an idea: Hire a team of local schoolchildren to be fulltime equipment lickers. Though I’m sure those aforementioned uptight health professionals would find something wrong with that plan. Stop being so uptight!