“Cookie BonBites” are a miniature version of the chain’s classic cinnamon roll inside a chocolate chip cookie shell.

cookie bonbites from cinnabon
Credit: Courtesy of Cinnabon

Cinnabon is already one of the most serious indulgences you can enjoy while pretending you are out shopping and not out solely to get a Cinnabon. Not that you need or want a reminder, but a single Cinnabon Classic Roll clocks in at a near meal-like 880 calories. Of course, you could instead opt for one of the brands smaller BonBites—but where’s the excess in that? Well, if you’re looking for something both small and over-the-top, here’s some news that will get your blood sugar spiking: Cinnabon is set to release what the company is calling “Cookie BonBites”—miniature cinnamon rolls with a chocolate chip cookie shell.

These wild new cookie-cinnamon roll hybrids are set to be released for a limited time only starting on December 4, which also happens to be National Cookie Day. According to Cinnabon, a Cookie BonBite is simply one of the brand’s BonBites—which are miniature versions of the classic roll—that has been baked inside of fresh chocolate chip cookie dough provided by Nashville’s Christie Cookie Company. A single Cookie BonBite will cost $2.99, while a half dozen will sell for $9.99.

“The Cookie BonBite is one of our yummiest examples of creativity to come out of the innovation kitchen,” said Jill Thomas, vice president of global marketing for Cinnabon. “The delicious Cookie BonBite joins two extraordinary baked goods to create an unexpected out-of-this-world flavor combination not to be missed! National Cookie Day provides the perfect occasion for our guests to enjoy the ultimate cookie experience.” Thomas also touted the benefits of collaborating with another brand on the product. “Our partnership with Christie Cookie Company is just one example of our dedication to supporting premium bakery brands that offer craveable products on par with Cinnabon,” she stated.

Finally, no chocolate chip cookie experience—be it inclusive of a cinnamon roll or not – is complete without milk, so as an added bonus, Cinnabon has also partnered with Fairlife to give out free 8-ounce bottles of milk with every Cookie BonBite purchase on National Cookie Day (while supplies last). Sounds like they have all the cookie bases covered.