By Clara Olshansky
Updated September 04, 2015
Steak and Ice Cream
| Credit: © Juarez Rodrigues and Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus

If toothpaste Oreos don't sound amazing to you, maybe you're not pregnant. Eating for Two, the pregnancy cravings cookbook, is an online collection of recipes for the strangest real cravings women have had while they're pregnant. From weird combinations of foods (steak with ice cream) to things that are straight-up inedible (burnt matches), Eating for Two re-created, taste-tested and wrote actual recipes for moms' weirdest hankerings.

The cookbook, written by advertising art director Juarez Rodrigues and copywriter Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus, seeks to alleviate some of the embarrassment and shame women feel from these cravings. Said Jacob-Ebbinghaus, "The Oreos-and-toothpaste woman used to sneak out of bed at night and make them secretly while everyone else was sleeping. She was always afraid someone would catch her. We realized a lot of women are embarrassed about their cravings, so we thought it would be cool to document all the strange things pregnant women want to eat."

Oreos with toothpaste

Bacon-wrapped candy bars

To that end, the duo rates each item as one would rate any recipe. Some ratings are pretty much what you'd expect: Orange Sushi with Tomato Sauce Glaze gets half a star out of five. Others, though, are a bit more surprising. Coal gets five out of five, because it was a relief from the taste of the previous recipe, Medley of Soaps.

Given the success of the project, Rodrigues and Jacob-Ebbinghaus are open to printing a physical cookbook. But first they need more recipes; you can submit weird, real pregnancy cravings through a form on their site.