This month F&W launches its annual Best of the Best cookbook, a collection of the best recipes from the year's best cookbooks. Best of the Best also includes extra, never-before-published recipes from each author. Here, a sampling of those excellent exclusives

Jennifer Joyce, author of Small Bites
"I do food styling sometimes and it's almost like two different worlds—making food look beautiful for pictures and making sure it matches the recipe. You have to walk a fine line between the two."

Marc Meyer, author of Brunch
"I make a pasta dish with marinated chickpeas, broccoli and Parmesan. My kids really like it, and it's a great way to get them to eat vegetables. Regardless of the great food they're surrounded by, they're still two teenagers."

Constance Snow, author of The Rustic Table
"The idea for The Rustic Table came from working on my previous book, Gulf Coast Kitchens. I had to buy lump crabmeat four times to test recipes for it, so my husband and I joked that the next book I did was going to be on peasant food. Then I thought, Well, you know, that's actually a pretty good idea."