A new cookbook by a father-daughter duo shows that eating like an Italian isn't simply pleasurable—it's healthy too. Just don't forget the wine.

Edward Giobbi and daughter Eugenia Giobbi Bone's new book, Italian Family Dining, could be subtitled "Why Italians Don't Get Fat." The authors, Americans with roots in Italy, haven't written a diet book per se, but as Eugenia says, if you ate the way Italians do, you'd be healthier and possibly slimmer. The delicious, homey recipes are skewed toward vegetables, whole grains, fish and fruit, and portions are Italian-size—small enough for a leisurely progression of several courses. And wine is essential. Edward, a well-known painter, stocks plenty of wine (he makes his own), because it helps people linger over meals and, as his daughter says, "the Giobbis became a family at the table."

Edward Giobbi's Healthy Attitudes

Exercise routine "I run three miles every morning. I have a track in my yard. I've also practiced karate for 27 years and I have a black belt. Plus, I garden. I grow 125 tomato plants alone, and there's a lot of physical work involved in that."

Wine habits "I drink one or two glasses at lunchtime and rarely any wine at dinner."

Why he dislikes Atkins "You can't eat only meat and saturated fat. You need vegetables. You need carbs."

Why he appreciates pasta "Pasta is a great food. You can eat it seven days a week and lose weight. It's all in the sauce."

Favorite healthy ingredient "Weeds. They're full of flavor, like purslane, which also has loads of omega-3s."

Eugenia Giobbi Bone's Healthy Attitudes

Exercise routine "In Manhattan I do something almost every day, but never the same thing. Pilates, Spinning, yoga. I need to go to classes. When I'm at my Colorado house, I do a lot of farm work: digging ditches, planting in the garden."

Wine habits "I don't drink wine at lunch because I get too sleepy. I almost always drink one or two glasses with dinner."

Why she dislikes Atkins "I don't want to give up certain kinds of digestive experiences."

Why she appreciates pasta "Italians do eat pasta, of course, but in small portions and as part of the meal."

Favorite healthy ingredient "Seasonal vegetables. They are definitely fresher, tastier, healthier and cheaper."