If you’re looking for a terrific and quick way to see some of the world’s best chefs in action, I’d suggest that you plan a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Specifically for Saturday October 26th. That’s when Cook It Raw, the rotating collective of globe-trotting chefs, arrives in the US, and offers its first open-to-the-public event.

That open-to-the-public event is BBQ Perspectives with Sean Brock & Friends. After spending several days hanging out around Charleston with Brock, exploring places like rice fields, oyster beds and various hunting locales, the chefs will show off their best versions of low-country barbecue cooking.

As cool as that is, here are just some of Brock’s friends who will be cooking at the barbecue: Spain’s Albert Adrià, Australia’s Ben Shewry, Mexico’s Enrique Olvera and the United Kingdom’s James Lowe. Brock’s New York City friends include Momofuku’s Dave Chang, the Spotted Pig’s April Bloomfield and Empellón’s Alex Stupak. PDT’s Jim Meehan will be working the cocktail bar.

And these chefs are excited. Here’s what Albert Adrià had to say about the event: “The adventure of Cook It Raw compels me from the moment I get on the plane on the way to our destination. It’s like there is a switch in me that goes off and then part of my brain is plugged into the event. It’s an adrenaline rush about what we are going to discover and how everything will work together—whether we can pull it off with such a large creative group. All of these unknowns, the fear and excitement all feed my creativity!”

I feel that adrenaline rush myself. And I’ll only be eating.

For tickets to BBQ Perspectives, click here. ($100 for all food and drinks; $5 goes to Grow Food Carolina.)