Credit: CBS Photo Archive

If you are counting down the seconds until the Gilmore Girls revival, there’s a tribute cookbook brewing that belongs at the top of your wish list.

A new Kickstarter has popped up for Eat Like A Gilmore, a work that author Kristi Carlson writes is: “A cookbook for people who truly "get" the Gilmore way of life—a collection of recipes inspired by the chefs of Stars Hollow.”

Carlson is a professional baker and caterer, and obviously, a Gilmore Girls fan. She hopes to raise $20,000 in the next month to break even on the book, and as of this writing today she’s well over halfway there. What can we say? Gilmore Girls fans are passionate people.

Anyone who has watched the show knows that food is at the center of the series. Heavy discussions took place in Luke’s Diner, and things didn’t feel right on episodes that didn’t involve Lorelai and Rory bonding over coffee or excessive amounts of takeout.

Carlson broke the book into a few sections—small town diner fare, Friday night dinner (when they’d have fancy food at grandma and grandpa’s), and dishes that could be served at Lorelai’s B&B.

As Lorelai said in the episode where they attempted to attend four Thanksgiving dinners in one night – “What are we if not world champion eaters? It’s what we’ve been training for our whole lives!”

The book, should it reach its crowd-funding goals (which is almost a certainty at this point), is set for a December 2016 release.