One witness saw the drama go down and detailed the incident.

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated July 25, 2017
squash and cheese
Credit: LauriPatterson / Getty Images

Recently, SB Nation writer James Dator witnessed an extraordinary sequence of events unfold at his local grocery store: A man entered the store holding a package of cubed butternut squash. He approached the customer service desk, and demanded that he be able to return the box of squash. His reasoning? He thought it was cheese.

Dator chronicled the incident on his Twitter account: The man, who assumed he had purchased a box of cubed cheese, (although Dator claims the squash could only be purchased in the produce section of the grocery store, which is no where near the store’s dairy department) could be forgiven for making the visual mistake. However, Dator says the man was initially denied a return because the box was open—clearly a safety concern at an establishment that sells food. The man did not back down.

Dator explains that the container of squash was clearly as marked as such, leaving little room for the man to believe he had actually purchased a box of cheese. None-the-less, the man preservered until the grocery store employees, now huddled around him, agreed to give him his money back.

The story does not end there. After finally wearing down the store’s customer service department, the man (who, again, confused squash for cheese), then makes another demand: Two pounds of cubed cheese, priced at $2.97. The store, you will not be surprised to find out, does not sell two pound bags of cubed cheese. But wait! The man has a solution: Have the deli cut him a two-pound block of cheese and slice it into cubes for him.

From the outside, yes, the scenario seems extremely strange: A man who clearly mistook a vegetable for some cheese cubes didn’t tuck the box into the back of his fridge to hide his shame and never speak of the incident again. Instead, he decided to hold the grocery store responsible for his mistake—and before you judge, look at a photo of butternut squash and a photo of cubed cheese side by side. There are some distinct similarities.

The grocery store did not take the bait, refusing to indulge the man’s request to swap cheese for squash. He ended up stomping out of the store, without his cubed cheddar, although he did spitefully take back his squash. That's where Dator's story ends.

So let this tale be a reminder to all of us: Don't shop for dairy products in the produce aisle.