The Italy episode left some especially contentious moments on the cutting room floor.
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Conan O'Brien has never pretended to be an astute world traveler while abroad. The talk show host has taken his show and his intelligent-rube routine to multiple countries, each time with hilarious results that serve to educate and entertain his audience. In his ongoing international trips and special "Conan Without Borders" episodes, the late night host has visited Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Korea, Qatar, Armenia, Germany, and Israel. But while most travel episodes of Conan feature its titular star on-camera, the Italian iteration added another ingredient to mix: O'Brien's buttoned-up producer and foil (and well-seasoned Italian wine expert) Jordan Schlansky.

Schlansky suffered throughout the entire duration of Conan's Italian vacation (except for the few occasions when Conan was suffering through Schlansky's erudite explanations of, well, just about everything). At no point in the episode was that script more flipped than when the pair enjoyed a Chianti tasting at the Felsina Winery in Tuscany. Every nuance Schlansky put into his tasting method and descriptions seemed to set O'Brien off. And apparently, it wasn't only the clips that made it into the final cut of the hour-long episode that highlighted this contentious repartee. Yesterday, Team Coco released the outtakes from the tasting in which O'Brien is equally as incredulous toward Schlansky's wine snobbery. Take a look:

In the outtakes, O'Brien ribs Schlansky for just "memorizing" some facts about Chianti blend ratios. He then calls into question Schlansky's description of the wine as "hot" and how the Chianti makes his producer feel sexy like he's "naked in the woods." After sniffing out Schlansky's bouquet as "fraud," the host jokes the wines taste of "earth, wind, and fire." Schlansky then makes the controversial statement that wine is more like a food than a beverage with one of the least-appetizing metaphors in wine tasting history.

In another clip released earlier this month, Schlansky also tried to give O'Brien a tutorial on eating from an autogrill: