Silly Rabbit, Salad Eating Contests Are for Humans

Competitive eater Raina Huang downed over three pounds of salad in 10 minutes, besting not one, but two giant rabbits in the process.

Honey Mega Bunny, a Flemish Giant rabbit just looks at her salad while Raina Huang, professional competitive eater, chows down
Photo: David Crane / MediaNews Group / Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images

Several years ago, the Discovery Channel produced a very silly special that involved Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps racing against a Great White Shark. Although there was a tremendous amount of buildup for the actual event — including the details of the special suit and monofin "tail" that Phelps wore — the so-called shark that Phelps faced was just a computer-generated graphic. Also, the fake shark won.

This week, a Glendale, California restaurant held a similar human-versus-animal showdown, and it already has one up on the Discovery Channel because at least the rabbit was real. Yeah, that's right: the rabbit.

On Tuesday, competitive eater Raina Huang took on a 20-pound Flemish giant rabbit to see who could down the most salad in 10 minutes. The rabbit, Honey "Mega" Bunny seemed purpose-built for this challenge, and an enthusiastic crowd accumulated in the parking lot of the Chop Stop.

Huang got off to a fast start — according to the Los Angeles Times, she downed two pounds of salad in the first five minutes — but everybody knows that rabbit-related parable about what can happen to those who race to an early lead.

But as the clock ticked down, Huang kept eating and, well, the Mega Bunny just… didn't. Reuters reports that the rabbit didn't eat a single bite of salad. The organizers allowed Mega Bunny's handler, Louis Moses, to replace her with a second bunny, Precious. The emergency backup rabbit also ignored the plate of lettuce that was parked in front of her.

"Rabbits are not scarfers," Moses told the outlet. "They're not like dogs, just scarf it down quickly. They're nibblers. They nibble all day, all night. So they eat decent amounts, but over a period of time."

Maybe if the competition had been allowed to continue through the end of the week, one of the rabbits would've come out on top. As it was, though, Huang won handily, finishing 3.5 pounds of salad before the time expired.

"Congratulations Raina," the Chop Stop wrote on Instagram after the competition. "Honey 'Mega' Bunny (and her tag-team partner Precious who was eventually brought in to help) didn't eat much — but they sure were cute [...] The moral of the story for all impressionable young people today was: eating healthy and being cute are the twin paths to happiness."

Last June, Huang made headlines when she alleged that she was kicked out of an Aurora, Colorado pizzeria after she tackled its "OMG 28 [inch] pizza challenge." StevO's Pizza and Ribs' offered a $100 prize to any two customers who could finish its 28-inch pie in under an hour.

According to ABC 7 Denver, Huang ordered the pizza challenge and asked the restaurant's owner, Steve Wieand, if she could film herself eating it. He asked if she was a professional eater, and she said that she recorded food challenges for her YouTube channel. (The outlet notes that StevO's did not have any rules preventing competitive or professional eaters from taking on their massive pizza.)

In a video she later posted online, Huang said that Wieand had called her names and asked her to leave the restaurant. Wieand's daughter, Stephanie, later apologized to Huang and said that she thinks the situation "could have been handled better."

At least the Mega Bunny seems to have been a more gracious loser.

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