Kale? Soy Milk? Sparkling water? They were all created by "The Bad Boys of Food."

By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 31, 2017
funny food trends bad boys youtube video
Credit: Chicago Tribune / Getty Image

Anyone who works in the food industry can admit that sometimes it can be a parody of itself. Yes, often times it’s serious stuff: parsing apart the differences in the wines of Napa versus the wines of Bordeaux. But then other times it’s parsing apart the difference between a rainbow latte and a unicorn latte. Seriously, how am I supposed to determine the authenticity of a “unicorn” product when unicorns don’t even exist in the first place?!

So for anyone who’s ever rolled their eyes over a food trend or shook their head at the latest diet fad, this comedic short – a fake mockumentary trailer from the YouTube channel/sketch team Thanks Laura – should be right up your alley. The premise is simple: Two marketing geniuses/kinda conmen are behind every bizarre health and food trend since the ‘90s. From “Got milk?” to our obsession with kale, these two guys have been working behind the scenes to give people what they didn’t even know they wanted.

Even with a solid premise, comedy videos can be tough to do right, but in spite of a slightly rough around the edges feel, the Thanks Laura team does a solid job of nailing not just the irony of the food world, but also the basic feel of how these kinds of movie trailers play out. A touch of The Rolling Stones here, a little grainy footage there, toss in a talking head journalist… And then mix with quinoa.

At the same time though, the old saying goes that “it’s funny because it’s true,” and part of what makes this sketch work so well is that it hits a little too close to home. At one point in the video, the two characters show off a pile of fruit and no one is interested; then they put it in a blender with a $9 price tag and people go nuts. Meanwhile, I reminisced about a time I spent $12 on a cold-pressed juice and I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry.

[h/t HuffPo]