By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 06, 2016
Jonah Reider on his way to impress Stephen Colbert on the Late Show
| Credit: Credit: Ray Tamarra

One of the things that made Jonah Reider’s restaurant, Pith, an exciting place to eat may also lead to its downfall. At least temporarily. Reider, the Columbia undergrad who decided to run a restaurant out of his dorm room will be kicked out of his apartment at the end of the month. Reider recently moved from his dorm room to a larger apartment, still owned by the university. And according to the Wall Street Journal, a letter from his landlord read, “I will terminate your sublease effective May 31, 2016 per Columbia Housing instructions…Ongoing issues that have been relayed to me by the university have made this necessary.” Those ongoing issues almost certainly had nothing to do with playing his music too loud, if you know what we mean.

The eviction seemed at least somewhat surprising—Reider said he had university administrators on his 1000 person wait list to eat at the restaurant.

While this will be a setback for Pith and for Reider, diners will probably be able to get his cooking again at some point. He told the Journal that he hoped to move into a bigger apartment (presumably not one that any Dean Wormer-like characters from the University have control of) that will allow to cook in lieu of paying full rent. If there are any landlords out there with some extra space, get in contact with him ASAP. That year-long waitlist isn’t going to seat itself.