Grab a glass and some colored pencils and get to work!
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Credit: Catherine Lane © Catherine Lane 2017/Getty Images

Once dismissed as an activity for kids, coloring books have emerged as a trendy activity for adults looking to relax. Now, the well-known British retailer Marks & Spencer has started selling a wine that combines the concept of adult coloring books with another, longer-standing relaxation activity for adults… drinking.

Colour Me Sauvignon Blanc (sorry about the extra “u”; you were warned it was British) features a black and white label offering plenty of spaces to fill in with all the varying hues of your dreams. “Calling all budding Picassos: introducing the new wine which lets you get creative while you enjoy a glass,” writes M&S’s Deputy Food Editor Heather Taylor. “This dry Chilean white comes with an illustrated label for you to customize however you like. It’s a fun take on the growing trend for adult coloring books that are said to relieve stress – you can let your mind wander and your creative juices flow, while enjoying a delicious glass of wine.”

At under $11 a bottle, Colour Me Sauvignon Blanc should also avoid you stressing about price. And the bottle comes with another bonus: M&S is encouraging drinkers to share a photo of their colored-in bottle on Instagram with the hashtag #ColourMeWines for the chance to win a magnum of Prosecco.

As far as the artwork itself, the illustration comes courtesy of Daisy Fletcher who released an adult coloring book called Birdtopia back in 2016. Her artwork on the wine bottle includes a similar theme of birds and flowers. “We knew from the outset the image would have a natural theme with as many elements to color as I could fit into the space,” the Royal College of Art graduate told us via email. “M&S liked the idea of a tropical scene. I drew several roughs and the final image is the one they loved.”

As a professional illustrator, we also asked when she thought the best time would be to color in the label. Are you supposed to color it beforehand and give it as a gift? Or just scribble away as you drink? “It's entirely up to the person/people coloring,” she said. “When creating it we envisaged friends getting together and enjoying coloring together, making it part of a social occasion. Before, during or after, whatever works for them!”

Sadly, Colour Me Sauvignon Blanc isn’t available in the U.S. But if the label gave you the itch to do some coloring, Birdtopia can be found on Amazon for about the same price as the bottle. Or you can just scroll through Fletcher’s drawings on Instagram.