The fried chicken icon is back fighting crime.
green lantern and kfc comics
Credit: Courtesy of KFC

Over the past few years, we’ve seen actors such as Rob Lowe, Norm Macdonald and Jim Gaffigan all portray Colonel Sanders, the legendary founder and face of KFC, in the brand's TV commercials. However, there's one medium you might not expect to see the Colonel pop up in: comic books.

Available exclusively at DC’s booth at SanDiego Comic-Con on July 19, as well as via digital download, Colonel Sanders is teaming up with a new member of the Justice League, this time Green Lantern, for the third issue of the KFC comic series.

In KFC #3 Across The Universe, the Colonel goes cosmic in a star-spanning quest to bring crunchy, spicy satisfaction to a hungry universe, only to face a "thieving varmint" who steals his space-bound Zinger chicken sandwiches. KFC #3 teams Green Lantern with the Colonel, who previously partnered with The Flash in the first issue of the series.

"It's been an honor, a privilege, and just plain fun working on the last two KFC comics," stated KFC writer Tony Bedard. "I'm super-excited the story is a trilogy now, with the Colonel planet-hopping across the DC Universe. As a former Green Lantern writer, it's great to revisit Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. I've written many comics over the years, but the response to teaming up the Colonel with DC Super Heroes has been a phenomenon all its own."

KFC first partnered with DC's Custom Creative Studio in 2015 for the release of the critically acclaimed KFC #1 The Colonel of Two Worlds, which centers on Colonel Sanders and The Flash battling a new Colonel from Earth-3, who threatens to tarnish the good name of everyone's favorite chicken spokesman. In 2016, KFC #2 Colonel Corp was released, which features the Anti-Colonel attacking the Multiverse with the future of fried chicken resting on the shoulders of Colonels from various worlds spanning said Multiverse. Naturally.

Until we can get our hands on Issue #3, we'll just have to hope that this story will be as finger-lickin’/page-turnin' good as the first two.