Students of legal drinking age have a chance to get their foot in the door of the beer industry.
Colorado Craft Beer Festival
Credit: tomorca/Getty Images

Though America’s legal drinking age is still 21, older than many college students, the relationship between beer and college campuses has continued to evolve in recent years. An explosion the in craft beer industry has led more schools to offer coursework, minors, or even degrees in brewing. And partially due to these classes creating increased relationships between colleges and breweries, plenty of major universities now even have official beers—something that was practically unheard of a couple decades ago. Speaking of which, after generations of alcohol being removed from college sports, many campuses and organizations are once again allowing alcohol to be sold at events. The idea would seem to be that taking an educated approach to drinking can lead to more responsible drinking.

But while colleges have added more brewing classes, not all jobs in the growing craft beer industry happen at the brewhouse. Obviously, there's a lot more work that goes into selling that beer. So those looking to get a foot in the door in the beer world without adding a brewing minor might be interested in this opportunity: Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing—America’s fourth largest craft brewer after only Yuengling, Boston Beer (makers of Sam Adams), and Sierra Nevada—recently announced a brand new initiative called the “College Brand Ambassadors” program. And now, the brewery is looking to hire 14 of these ambassadors at campuses across the country for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

These paid, part-time positions will require students to handle duties like “executing local tasting events, building and maintaining partnerships and relationships, and executing promotions,” New Belgium writes. Meanwhile, perks include a visit to New Belgium’s Fort Collins facilities to learn more about the business and “possible fulltime employment upon graduation.” Oh yeah, and a bit of free beer, of course.

“If you are into mindless busy work, coffee runs, making copies, this opportunity is not for you,” said New Belgium’s Recruiting Manager Justin Cross. “We’re looking for college students who want to do something valuable and impactful while helping to drive value for one of the best independent craft beer brands in the country.”

To apply, you must be enrolled in one of these 14 colleges: University of Michigan, DePaul University, University of Miami, Arizona State University, Southern Methodist University, San Francisco State University, Long Beach State, University of North Carolina, Atlanta University Center Consortium (Morehouse College/Spelman College/Clark University), St. Joseph’s University, Boston University, University of Colorado, Boise State University, or University of Kansas. If you fit that bill, you can head over to New Belgium’s website for more details.