The soda brand is taking its personalization to the next level.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 12, 2017
Courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola brought us "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" in 1971, created a remix of "Wavin' Flag" for the 2010 World Cup that became all anyone listened to for, like, a year, and continues to be a brand that clearly cares about their music choices. When you add Coke's interest in music to the whole personalization campaign that Coke did when they started putting everyone's names on their bottles and cans, the latest "Share a Coke" project is kind of just the next logical step: Coke has taken more than a thousand first names, and created jingles out of them. You can check to see if they have your name here.

For those of us with un-jingled names, there's even a cute little "Sorry we don't have your name" tune. If, after you've checked for everyone in your squad's name, you still want to hear more jingles, you can browse through the "Coca Cola: A Tune for Every Name" YouTube channel. There are even a bunch of little songs for last names, including Edwards, Nguyen, and Vazquez. (It's worth noting that the song for the Smiths sounds nothing like Morrisey.)

The songs were created by ad agency Fitzgerald & Co in collaboration with Score a Score, a company that specializes in music licensing. The project used nine singers and twenty-five different music tracks to create these 1,000+ songs in a variety of genres. The songs are kind of a companion to Coke's re-launch of the names-on-the-bottles promotion last April. Much like the songs, the bottles now include last names, so it's kind of a dream come true for people with big egos and common first and last names. Of course, even the vanity of listening to your name song on loop a hundred times while drinking from a bottle with your name on can't top that time that Coke released the selfie bottle.