A new Kickstarter wants to make it easier to carry both water and coffee at the same time.
Credit: stanislavgusev/Getty Images

Kickstarter campaigns tend to be at their best when they leave you thinking, “Oh, that’s interesting.” If you’re left thinking “Wowee zowee!” it might be too good to be true. Meanwhile, if your instinct is “Haven’t I seen that before?” then you might be able to get a similar item without the wait. That’s why a new campaign caught my attention: It’s a simple, practical, interesting idea that I (at least) had never seen before: a bottle that allows you to drink both hot coffee and cold water.

Launched this week, H2Joe bills itself as “the first bottle that holds hot coffee and cold water at the same time and allows you to drink both from the same lid.” Despite instant visions of going to chug water, accidentally opening the wrong part of the lid, and scalding my entire mouth in the process, the idea makes sense: Water and coffee are the two drinks people are probably most likely to be carrying around at any given time. Oh, and just to set the record straight, they’ve got that “drinking from the wrong spout” problem worked out: Just like most water bottles, the water side of the lid is a twist off cap, whereas the coffee side flips up for sipping — tapping into your psychological instincts for both beverages.

So how does it work? The bottom stainless steel container screws off to hold 12-ounces of hot coffee (and keep it hot for up to six-hours). The plastic, insulated, top half of the bottle holds 12-ounces of water (and keeps it cold for up to eight hours), but also has a tube running along the inside to let the coffee pour through from below. Frankly, the main quibble I’m sensing is that it seems like a long way for your coffee to travel to get to your mouth, which might be annoying, but admittedly, I haven’t tried the product, so I can’t say.

According to the campaign, the idea for H2Joe came from Dorothy Moody, and with the help of her husband Brett and his friend John — who “share more than 50 years of product and marketing success, having sold $1B+ in products at wholesale for various companies” — they’ve gotten the concept off the ground.

The Kickstarter community certainly is interested: H2Joe has already raised nearly $80,000, almost four times the original goal. If you pledge within the next four days, you can still reserve one of these bottles for $39 — said to be $20 off the expected retail price. Of course, as with any crowdfunding campaign, there are risks and potential hiccups, but H2Joe says it plans to get bottles to backers by October.