To be fair, it's probably the best coffee in America at the moment. 

Dine at Eleven Madison Park, and you probably expect to have the best food in the world. Literally. In 2017, the restaurant topped the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, but it’s a meal most people will never experience. A dinner for two that includes wine pairings costs around $600. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that if you want to have an after-dinner cup of coffee—probably the most delicious, satisfying cup of coffee you’ve ever had—it’s also going to cost you.

After closing in June for renovations, Eleven Madison Park is now back open and taking reservations, and there are some tweaks to the menu. For instance, as Eater reports, the restaurant now offers a $24 cup of coffee. Should you order this decadent drink, be aware that the restaurant’s very own coffee director prepares it, and it takes about ten minutes to perfect.

The restaurant’s new menu item might take the title of the most expensive cup of coffee in America, but if you’re looking a slightly less expensive option made with just as much precision you might try Extraction Lab, in Brooklyn, where a 12 ounce cup of their coffee sourced from Ethiopia’s Gesha region—where some of the rarest and most coveted coffee beans come from—costs $18.

Think that’s a little much for a drink you can get for $4 on almost every corner of New York City (albeit made with less care and with much lower quality coffee beans)? You’ll probably be shocked, then, to find out that Mexico’s Grand Velas Los Cabos luxury resort sells a $25,000 taco, adorned with gold flakes, caviar, and Kobe beef. Unsurprisingly—as of March at least—no one has tried it. In this economy, I don’t blame anyone for choosing to stick to the local taco truck.