FOOD & WINE staffers raise a cup to the coffee products they love.

Vietnamese Coffee Filter
Senior editor Pete Wells thinks this single-serving gadget, is the best way to make iced coffee. He drinks it as the Vietnamese do: in a glass, with sweetened condensed milk and ice ($4; or 800-553-5008).

Alessi Coban Espresso Maker
Monica Forrestall, our market editor, is a fan of this new machine's sleek style and the fact that it uses Nespresso prefilled capsules, which means no more measuring, tamping or cleaning up grounds ($599; 888-637-7737).

Canned Coffee
Is iced coffee the new Snapple? Editorial assistant Kimberly Masibay's favorite brands are Japanese, like the milky and lightly sweet Suntory Boss 7 ($1.75 for 6.7 ounces; at Asian markets).

Chef's Choice Electric French Press-Plus
This plunger-style French press heats water in the carafe so you don't need a kettle. Jim Standard of F&W's test kitchen likes it because it shuts off at the proper brewing temperature, just below boiling ($70; 800-884-2433).

La Pavoni Burr Grinder
This machine uses a disc, not a blade, which permits minute changes in the degree of fineness and results in a consistent, even grind. The beans can be ground directly into a filter holder ($139; 866-266-5927).

Culinary Parts Unlimited
When editor in chief Dana Cowin broke a coffeemaker carafe, she ordered a replacement from this company instead of buying a whole new machine ( or 800-543-7549).

The World Of Caffeine
This new book by Bennet Alan Weinberg and Bonnie K. Bealer is an eye-opening explanation of the history and culture of coffee ($27.50).

Best Beans
Some recent favorites: Laurel Glen and Three Rivers, blended by vintners, from The Grateful Palate, run by contributing editor Dan Philips ($14 per pound; 805-278-9095). Colombian La Vereda, grown by a tribe in the Andes, from Bucks County Coffee ($10 per pound; 800-844-8790). Shade-grown Song Bird Panama Blend from Thanksgiving Coffee Co. ($9.50 for 12 ounces; 800-648-6491).