By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 17, 2017
coffee butter
Credit: © Deirdre Rooney / michellealbert / Getty Images

One idea for a quick breakfast might be coffee and toast. Meanwhile, an even quicker breakfast idea would be coffee on toast. As ridiculous as that might sound, a company in Japan has made spreading coffee all over your toast more possible than ever thanks to its new product – essentially a type of “coffee butter.”

© Snow Brand Meg Milk Co.

According to RocketNews24, Megmilk Snow Brand Company is one of Japan’s largest dairy brands, and beyond producing products like butter, cheese and yogurt, it’s also behind the long-standing Snow Brand Coffee, a prepackaged coffee drink. (I’ve never had it, but it looks like a latte in a carton.) This year, to celebrate Snow Brand Coffee’s 55th anniversary, the company decided to utilize some of its special dairy skills and, for the first time, turn this milky coffee beverage into a spread intended to be used on bread just like butter or margarine . Being that “spreadable coffee” is only getting me about 300 results on Google, this product seems unique enough to be many coffee lovers’ dream come true.

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Officially called “Snow Brand Coffee Soft,” RocketNews24 explains, “the new spread will contain all the flavour and fragrance of the original coffee drink, including its sweet and mellow milky undertones, making it the perfect addition to plain bread, toast, croissants and pancakes.” And yes, it also reportedly includes caffeine, though exactly how much isn’t mentioned. However, let me be the first to say that if you’re going to let me slather something caffeinated onto bread with a knife, the more caffeine the merrier.

The unique spread is set to hit supermarkets across Japan starting on March 1 and will sell for about $2 a package. But more importantly, how long until this product inspires someone to put a caffeinated butter-like coffee spread on every store shelf in America? I thin this Japanese import could put Pokémon GO to shame!