By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 06, 2016
Cockroach Cake, Katherine Batiste

Would you eat a cake that looked almost exactly like a giant cockroach? Of course you would. This Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Cake, a chocolate cake, filled with Boston crème, is modeled after the bug of the same name. Sure, the cake is probably delicious, but it's hard to get past just how remarkably lifelike this cockroach cake is. As far as appearances go, you might as well be eating some scuttling creature right off the floor of a New York apartment.

Okay, so Madagascar hissing cockroaches aren't exactly like the cockroaches you'll find in New York. For one thing, they're wingless. For another, they make a hissing noise from their breathing holes as part of their mating rituals. And, though you're way more likely to find one in a rotting log in the middle of the forest than in a human dwelling, it's hard to see this incredibly realistic cake and not be reminded of that time you saw a cockroach crawl out of a drain.

The cake was created by Katherine Dey, an artist, baker, and—of all things—registered nurse, from Rochester, New York. Given that her previous works have included cake-ified recreations of human skulls and human hearts, it makes sense that she has a background in anatomy. Of course, this cockroach cake may have the power to send people to the hospital by virtue of sheer ick factor.

If you actually like that heebie-jeebie feeling this cockroach cake gives, go ahead and check out some of Dey's other work. Highlights to watch out for include the bleeding human head cake and the decapitated pigeon cake.