The six-month-long 'Insiders Club' sends new and unreleased products direct to fans' doors.

Few products on planet Earth are as ubiquitous as Coca-Cola. Millions, if not billions, of people can instantly recognize the Coca-Cola logo—so when the company offered just 1,000 fans a chance to be the first members of the brand's new Coca-Cola Insiders Club, it probably isn't surprising that subscription service sold out in a hurry.

Credit: The Coca-Cola Company

Launched today, the Insiders Club is being tested for six-months as a subscription service providing members exclusive first tastes of new products shipped right to their doors, sometimes before they've even been released to the public. The monthly packages will include "three category-spanning beverages," according to Coca-Cola—so, for instance, a wide mix of things like the new Aha flavored sparkling water and Coke Energy—as well as "a few surprises and swag."

"We're constantly looking for ways to innovate not only in our products—but also in the consumer-centric experiences we offer," McCrea O'Haire, a digital experiences manager at Coca-Cola North America, said in the announcement. "The Insiders Club will allow us to showcase the diversity of the drinks we offer and get some of our newest innovations into the hands of fans who want to be among the first to enjoy them."

Credit: The Coca-Cola Company

The subscription service is not free: Insiders had to fork over either $10 per month or $50 upfront for all six-months. But apparently, Coca-Cola fans were more than happy to pay for one of the thousand available slots, and as a result, a Coca-Cola spokesperson tells us this pilot program sold out in under three hours. For now, interested parties are instead being asked to "join the Insiders Club waiting list, and we'll let you know as soon as more spots open up." (You can join the waitlist here.)

However, it's not clear if or when new spots will actually become available. In fact, there's not even a guarantee that the club will last longer than this initial six-month test. Still, O'Haire seemed enthusiastic about the initial response. "We are absolutely thrilled to see how quickly the Insiders Club sold out in three hours—it confirms consumers are truly passionate about our portfolio of brands and innovations and proves there is an opportunity to scale in order to allow more people to participate," she told me via email. "As a total beverage company, our entrepreneurial and test-and-learn culture gives us the agility to quickly innovate, and we will consider opening up more spots from the waiting list."