Cola fans can enter to win one of 1,500 personalized videos made by the bearded guy himself.
Coca-Cola Santa
Credit: Coca-Cola

Even in an age when celebrities are sharing their lives with us on social media, Cameo has found a noteworthy niche: offering the unique opportunity to receive personalized video messages from celebrities most people could never access otherwise. But those messages are inherently detached — it's not like these videos are the start of a genuine friendship.

So when you think about it, Cameo is a perfect place for Santa: He's the original one-sided relationship. And this year, when Coca-Cola announced that their iconic Santa will, for the first time, be making "real life" appearances, Cameo was their platform of choice.

From now until November 16, soda fans can head over to to enter for the chance to win a personalized Cameo video from an IRL version of the brand's classic take on Santa, imagery the company says it's used in its Christmas advertising since the 1920s. Entrants can put in a request for the video to be for them or for someone else, as well as whether they'd like the video in English, Spanish, or French. (The sweepstakes is open to anyone in North America.)

When the winners are picked, Santa is going to be pretty busy: The official rules state that 1,200 English language winners, 150 Spanish language winners, and 150 French Canadian language winners will be selected.

And as an interesting aside, Coca-Cola lists the approximate retail value of these videos at $125 each. That means, in theory, Santa commands a slightly higher fee than comedian Andy Dick ($111) but not quite as much as Seinfeld's The Soup Nazi ($150).

"Cameo exists to facilitate impossible fan connections and create memories that last, and we're thrilled to partner with Coca-Cola to bring a new way for families and fans to interact with Santa Claus this holiday season," Arthur Leopold, the services chief business officer, said in the announcement. "We've taken the traditional meet-and-greet with Santa Claus and turned it into a more accessible, authentic, and personalized experience, and we look forward to enhancing future holiday celebrations by providing access to more iconic figures we know and love."

Okay, one could argue that entering an online sweepstakes isn't "more accessible" than visiting a Santa in your local mall. Or that watching a message on a smartphone isn't any more "authentic" and "personalized" than sitting down and telling an actual human Santa which presents you want.

But, hey, just like Cameo means you don't have to settle for a celebrity impersonator anymore, perhaps those mall Santas just won't cut it when you can get the actual guy from cola can.