Inhalable alcohol is nothing new, but these new balloons from Cloud Buzz apparently are.
Credit: Flashpop/Getty Images

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I’d love to combine the club-like excitement of doing shots with the festival-like fun of inhaling nitrous” – first, seriously, you might want to take a long, hard look at your life – but second, there’s a new company based in Latvia that totally won’t judge you at all.

Cloud Buzz bills itself as “the latest trend to hit the drinks market for the consumption of alcohol shots.” More specifically, the brand serves its “shots” in “in specially designed balloons, which are pressurized and premixed with various spirits.” The company continues, “you simply inhale from the balloon and the alcohol will instantly vaporize into a misty cloud which, will give you an instant buzz while also making it an aromatic and pleasant experience to taste the actual flavor of the drink.”

For the record, inhalable alcohol is nothing new. Plenty of companies have offered alcohol in mist form – and in fact, not long ago we saw news of an entire bar that was filled with an alcohol haze meaning patrons could get drunk simply by breathing normally. But Cloud Buzz attempts to offer a different kind of novelty featuring team members who walk around with a giant backpacks of misty spirits and can fill individual balloons on request. The results look like something between a boozy Ghostbusters and a slightly more conspicuous version of our aforementioned nitrous dealer. On Instagram, the brand brags that the balloons are what really set it apart: “Did you know that Cloud Buzz is the only alcohol mist shot served in specially-designed balloon?” the company posted.

Cloud Buzz says it will be launching a campaign on Indiegogo this Friday, November 23 – though what exactly they’ll be offering as perks is still unknown. In its current form, Cloud Buzz is described as “a team of specially selected fun individuals who can attend any events from bars, clubs, concerts, sporting events, festivals and private functions” – meaning these misty drinks aren’t yet self-serve. But either way, if you want to the support the vision of a group of wild Europeans who want to get people drunk on booze balloons, you’ll have your chance to kick them a bit of cash at the end of the week. Maybe you can get a Cloud Buzz hat out of the deal or something? Who knows.