Petaluma’s 101 North Brewing Co. is planning to release at least three beers named after Eastwood movies.
Credit: Getty Images / Matthias Nareyek / Stringer

Clint Eastwood built his career in Hollywood portraying the kind of tough guy characters you’d expect to see slugging down beers at the local saloon. Some of his characters actually did that on screen. So even though beer has been shedding a bit of its “manly” image, if a man ever existed worthy of a beer homage, Clint Eastwood would have to be near the top of the list. So Petaluma, California’s 101 North Brewing Company has decided to not just create one beer to honor the famed actor-director, but a whole series of beers.

Set to coincide with SF Beer Week, the series will launch on February 11 with Two Hops For Sister Sara, an 8-percent ABV double IPA brewed with Mosaic and Citra hops. The beer takes its name from Two Mules for Sister Sara, the 1970 western starting Eastwood as an American mercenary working to fight against French soldiers in Mexico. Not only will the brew be released in 101 North’s taproom, but the following day, it will also be served during a screening of the movie that inspired it at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in San Francisco.

“Clint was a ridiculously easy decision for us,” Brewmaster Joel Johnson said about the project in a statement. “Narrowing down the vast iconic movie choices was a longer endeavor. As for Sister Sara, we dug the innuendos and sexual tension within the flick, and even though this is a romantic comedy posing as a Hollywood Western, he’s still as tough as the no-named hero in the earlier Sergio Leone films. The Ennio Morricone soundtrack was icing on the cake.”

The brewery says that over the next few months, two other beers in the series will be released, Dirty Hoppy, a North Beach-style hazy IPA—named after Eastwood’s iconic Dirty Harry character—and Escape From Alecatraz, a California common—inspired by Eastwood’s 1979 prison thriller Escape from Alcatraz. 101 North says a still-unannounced fourth beer might be in the works as well.

That is assuming 101 North doesn’t run into any legal trouble along the way. In general, beer tributes tend to get by without much legal wrangling, but there are exceptions. Last month, Beyoncé’s legal team was able to put the kibosh on a planned tribute beer called Bïeryoncé. Turns out not everyone dreams of being immortalized on a beer label.